If You Know Me Well. . .

You know that I am a product FANATIC!!! I love using natural, organic, Eco friendly and aroma therapeutic products. I especially love it when I find one that works really well.

After having guests and a sick little girl, I've been cleaning quite a bit. I am reminded just how much I like the Method brand of cleaning products. I like their window cleaner, wood cleaner and floor cleaner just to name a few. I highly recommend trying these products out the next time you are looking to "go green" with your household cleaning. I know you can get them at Target, but other places sell them as well. The website should be able to help you find where to buy them.

Enough Moping

Okay. I think I've moped enough about my computer. I have no control over what has already happened to it and I am lucky enough to have access to Nate's computer, so there is no excuse to stop blogging (although I REALLY miss adding my photos)! It is a connection to so many friends and family that I can't stand not logging in and telling people what is going on!!!


I'm worried about my computer. I know for many people in this world there are much larger things in this world to be worried about. . . . . but as I've mentioned before I have SO many photos (like 6000) on my computer. I would be so sad if I lost them. I am feeling like an idiot because I didn't back them up on a hard drive. I try to be computer saavy and in many ways I am. . . . . but when it comes to organizing my photos or even knowing how to pick out a hard drive I am not so smart.

What's a not so techno saavy gal to do?


Broken Computer

Okay - this week has been busy and crazy to say the least. We had guests, got three chicks, and Juniper was sick yesterday. Now my computer seems to be broken (I'm using Nate's). I should be getting a new cell phone in the mail on Monday so that will help if you'd like to reach me. . . . . . but for now I won't be able to post any photos which means I won't be posting much at all until the problem with my computer is fixed. I also won't be checking email nearly as much as usual. I wonder how life will treat me without my cute little ibook!


Not Busy Enough

As if I'm not busy enough with company here, we just added three new members to our family.  I'll be posting pictures later.  Hopefully tonight:)


I'm Busy. . .

We have company and it's fun, but busy.  Nate's Grandma and aunt Sally are here visiting for the week.  I've also lost my cell phone so it is hard to get ahold of me.  Yikes!  I'll try to post something fun soon, but only time will tell if I have any time at all!!!


Fabric Update

I've made three napkins out of the dishcloths I mentioned earlier this 
week.  I like 'em!  And for those of you who thought, 
"I have a good idea.  Why doesn't she just use them for dishcloths?"
That would have been way too easy.  

Cute Easter Gifts

I got these cute little bags last year with the intention of filling them with Easter goodies for our neighbors.  I didn't get around to it last year. . . . . but did this year!  I filled them with the yummy, recently discovered Homemade Peanut Butter Cups.  According to My Man they are now to be referred to as Welcome to Paradise.  Juniper helped me pass them out this afternoon.  She was so cute going from door to door carrying each little package.  


Our European Visitor

Nate's best friend Scott moved to Austria after getting married last year.  He was just in town visiting and spent a couple of nights with us.  He and Nate had some "male bonding" and went on a ten mile hike to the Olympic Hot Springs yesterday. Here's a photo of Scott and Juniper as we said farewell this morning.  Thanks for coming to visit, Scott!  We hope we can come see you in Austria very soon (that is if I'm not too big to fit on a plane after eating all the chocolate you brought)!


So Many Possibilities

I got this fabric in the form of seven 100% cotton dishtowels.
They were on clearance for $4.00!
I thought I might use them for new cloth napkins by
adding a new patterned binding.  I could also make them
into cute little aprons by adding a pocket and a waistband,
I even thought maybe I could make some cute little
throw pillows.

. . . . .  any suggestions?


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Goodness

Mmmmmm. . . Homemade Peanut Butter Cups.  
I got the idea from my sister.  She got the recipe from 
These were very simple to make and SO divine.
A sure crowd pleaser.


Camellia Bush

I just love this Camellia Bush that blooms this time of year outside of our door.  


I think about it every day . . .

Nate and Juniper, Hawaii 2007  

. . . my first Hawaiian vacation that is.

Nate (my amazing husband who took us there 
because he knew how much I would love it) 
took us to Hawaii in November of last year.  
It is hard to explain with words just how truly amazing it was.
It was warm and relaxing. Everything was new to me.
It was beautiful, breathtaking and smelled 
just how I imagined a tropical island to smell.
It was the most amazing vacation I've ever had in my life.  
I didn't want to come home.

Unfortunately I think My Man wants to 
(eventually) live in Montana more than Hawaii,
so I'll compromise and take the beautiful mountains 
and breathtaking views there to enjoy life.  
I'll also make it a priority to vacation
in Hawaii whenever possible!

I thought I'd share one of my favorite products that 
makes me feel like I am in Hawaii.  
Pacifica soaps and candles has a scent called Hawaiian Ruby Guava.
If you've never been to Hawaii this will take you there.  
If you have been to Hawaii it will
bring back memories and make you want to return. 
I love their clean burning soy candles!


Aunt Helen

Juniper's middle name is after her Great Aunt Helen Bishop on Nate's side.  
This is one of my favorite photos of her - playing dress up with Aunt Helen's purse, hat and scarf at Christmas time.  
So sweet (not to mention, fashionable)!


Fake It, Don't Make It - Blueberry Muffins

I came up with this Fake It, Don't Make It recipe.  
We call them Juniper Muffins around here. . . .
Yep - use this one.  I think it's the best.  
Follow directions on the box.  Then,   
Add 1 c. grated carrot.  
It adds moisture and nutrition.
Add 1 c. frozen blueberries.
Stir up and put in greased muffin tin (or handy silicone liners)
Top each unbaked muffin with a rounded tsp. of turbinado sugar.  
Bake according to box directions and/or until 
toothpick comes out clean.  

This should make 9 heaping muffins or 12 smaller ones.  
Get creative if you'd like, add shredded coconut or mashed banana.  
Whatever you have on hand should work. 
I'd love to hear what you use.
I get lots of compliments on these muffins and Juniper LOVES them.  

Oh and a little chubby handed helper makes them even better:)


My Other Sister

Juniper and Sasha, April 2006
Okay,  I probably mention my sister and/or her amazing blog all the time, and now that Hayley has given the blogging world a try, I've mentioned 2 out of the 3 AMAZING sisters in my life.  I've been meaning to do this, and since there's no time like the present, here's the link to my dear friend Sasha's (who happens to be my sister-in-law and Nate's little sister) website.  She lives in Vermont with the love of her life and works at the local co-op.  She is very knowledgeable and well versed in Chinese Medicine,  Alternative Healing and Whole Foods (just to mention a few arenas that spark her interest and forte).  Whenever anyone in the family (including pets) has a health issue, they consult Sasha.  She also does phone consultations, so if you're interested distance isn't an obstacle.  I am so proud of her and miss her.  

Move back West soon, Darlin'!

Yep, we're those kind of people

You know, the kind of people who forget to set their clock for daylight savings time and show up at church when everyone is singing the closing song!!!!  I've been laughing about it all day.  Nate said he felt like he was on one of those "wanna get away?" commercials for Southwest Airlines. Oh. . . . . at least I know now that we are supposed to spring forward!!!  It was a little tough explaining to Juniper why church was over right when we got there, but I tried my best:)


I'm Thrilled!!!

Hayley & Juniper Summer 2006
My wonderful friend Hayley (who happens to be my sister-in-law and Nate's older sister:) has just started a blog.   She is such a creative, devoted and fun loving person that I can't wait to hear about what she and her family are up to on a more regular basis (no pressure here, Hayley).  I"ll put a link to her blog on my sidebar. For now
click here to check out what she's been up to (I can't imagine she's busy taking care of twin toddlers and a six month old everyday)!!!


Love 'em!

without these handy silicone muffin cups (thanks noma:)
i wouldn't have these beautiful cupcakes to take to my friend!!!


Big Sis & Little Sis

The painting Juniper and I made together the morning my sister left.  I absolutely LOVE these paints.  I highly suggest investing in some to paint with your child (or yourself:)  They are washable, non-toxic and last longer than any other watercolors I've found.  Painting is fun!!! 


Obama Speech Leads to UCC/IRS Investigation!

We went to church yesterday.  Nate and I have only been to UCC (United Church of Christ) churches since we've been married.  I have always felt so lucky that Nate and I agree on a church that we like.  It really means so much to me.  We've been to the Suquamish UCC church a handful of times since we moved here and always talk about going, but then, for one reason or another, it doesn't happen.  We decided to go this week and are really glad that we did.  Every time we leave that church we talk about how nice it is to go and spend that time together as a family.  We couldn't be happier with a church in our own neighborhood!  

Juniper was very well behaved.  I went up and sat with her during children's storytime and she even spent a little bit of time in the nursery (without us!) during the sermon.  I am reminded of how important church was to me growing up, especially as a young child.  

Nate and I would really like to continue going to this church more regularly. . . I guess we'll see what happens!!!

 Click here to learn more about our church.  An interesting tidbit I'd also like to share about the UCC is that Barack Obama has been a member of the United Church of Christ for 20 years.  You can read here about the speech he gave to a crowd of UCC members that is now putting the church through an IRS investigation. . . . . . . 


Congratulations, Anastasia!

Ana, one of my best friends from back home (Boise), recently graduated from esthetician school. She's now found a job at Mystique Salon and Spa in the Vista Village, specializing in facials and body waxing.  I am so happy for her and plan to see her for a facial the next time I visit Boise.  If you live there, I encourage you to give her services a try!

Rite Aid

Oh boy.  We've had quite the week.  I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to take the time check my email or write on my blog.  Juniper had two really bad falls, two days in a row, both Wednesday and Thursday.  I've been on high alert because I don't want her to hurt herself again!

Anyway, today Nate's Mom (Nana) came over to play with Juniper and give us a little break.  I had the excitement of checking out the new Rite Aid in Kingston (probably the closest place to shop now) without a toddler.  I think I got all my Easter (yes, Easter) shopping done.  I was pleasantly surprised that I found some really cute things for Juni's Easter basket, including a darling stuffed Rabbit that is natural colors (not pink or blue), some really cute bunny shaped sidewalk chalk, a cute book, and some toys.  

I was impressed with the good selection and prices at Rite Aid, but was slightly disappointed with the lack of recycled and earth friendly products.  They had everything one could ever want, and the entire time I was there I kept thinking about how Britney Spears is seen at a Rite Aid almost every other day.  Now I know why!:)  I'll admit that I am glad to have a place that  I can do a little shopping that isn't as far away at Target.