I'm baaaack!

Well, we're back. We're tired. We had so much fun and made more memories while spending time with family in Boise. I am looking forward to getting back into our routine and anticipate having a little more time to spend blogging. I've needed an outlet to process my thoughts!!!


I'm still here

Yeah, I am still around with the full intention of keeping up my blog. I really enjoy it, I was just thrown for a loop when my computer crashed. I thought I'd update any loyal readers (thanks to the sisters and mothers in my life) that Juniper and I will be out of town for a week. We are going to Boise to see family. Fun!!! Maybe if the techno gadgets are available I can post from there. If not, check back in a week to see if I have anything new going on. I am working on an outrageous wish list for my upcoming 30th birthday. Hopefully I'll be sharing it soon.


It's been a long time

since a television program really stuck with me. Last week, Nate and I both stayed up late (for us) watching Frontline's new documentary Bad Voodoo's War on PBS. I went through a range of emotions watching these very human soldiers telling their story from Iraq. I encourage everyone to check it out no matter what your position is on the current war.


Turning 30

I've been contemplating making a dream wish list for my birthday, only with the hesitation that maybe some people will think they need to get me these things and then feel badly if they don't. That is NOT the case. I am only sharing my dream wish list because it is MY blog and I can do whatever I want here, especially when it comes to my birthday (not to mention that it's my 30th AND it's on Mother's Day this year). This list really is outlandish to say the least. I'd be just as happy with some cake and a hug and a kiss from my hubby and little girl.

Okay - I'll quit babbling and start drooling!

30th Birthday Dream List
(Please Oprah, stumble upon this list and have me on your show.)

I REALLY need a pair of good jeans. One that fits me. Really well. I've always drooled over Joe's jeans and almost bought a pair once, but thought I could stand to lose a few pounds before I made the committment. I think I could stand to own a pair at the size I am now. Not sure which style I'd like. Maybe the Honey in Harvey, any recommendations?

I'd like to spend several hours at a spa. I'd like a facial, body scrub, full body massage and a pedicure. I'm thinking that the Angeline Spa at the Casino down the road would be just the spot for me.
I'd love a LeCruset dutch oven and fondue pot. I like the Lemongrass Color.

For our anniversary this year, Nate got me a necklace from Hotcakes Jewelry. I'd like a ring with a bird or floral design set in the black resin.

I've wanted Mommy Tags for a long time.

I'd like a camera that I can practice being a better photographer with. This is the one I'd be happy with.
I'd never buy myself this robe, but I'd love to wear it regularly!

My birthday is an occasion as good as any to recieve a glassybaby!

I'd like a plane ticket to go visit my sister.
A gift certificate to TJ Maxx is always a good gift for me. I love to treasure hunt there. I'd look for a new purse, and possibly some kitchen stuff or new clothes.
I guess the list could go on and on, but I've been working on it for over a week in the little time I've had to blog. So I'll post it now and if I think of anything else I'll share later.

I'm a sucker

for many things. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am a product fanatic. I have to admit that I am not always as educated as I should be about these products, and I often fall victim to their claims of being "natural" or "organic". My sister-in-law, Sasha, informed me that the Method brand (which I prefer to use over traditional cleaning products) isn't that great. . . . that it has some substance (I can't remember for sure, but I'm thinking dimethicone? - Sasha fill me in here) that is really rather harmful. I try to avoid certain things when buying certain products (like Sodium Laurel Sulfate in shampoos for example) but don't always steer clear of the harmful stuff. I am going to research this a little bit and get back to you. If you have any information on what to watch out for in "natural" cleaning or beauty products, let me know. I'd love to hear about it!!


The verdict is in. . .

. . . . and it isn't good. My ibook's hard drive is broken. As far as I understand, this means my computer is really no good anymore. The good news is that I can probably find someone (and pay them a bunch of money) to retrieve all my data - so my pictures aren't lost forever (cross your fingers). Nate says this is where my stimulus package and tax return money will come in handy:)

I guess I'll have to start using Nathan's computer to download my pictures and blog. I'll be getting an external hard drive as well. . . . . why are some lessons so hard to learn?