Going Home

So special. . . . . Juniper with her Great Grandma and Grandpa Burkholder

Juniper holding Ayden - Jenia's baby boy.
Cousin Time - Juniper and Ellie
So Sweet
A wonderful reunion of friends.

Juniper with Abigail (Cynthia's darling daughter) and Ayden (Jenia's little guy).


Nana Time

Juniper and I enjoyed a fun evening with Nana on Monday night. We went to two darling places on Bainbridge Island. Shima Sushi and Mora Ice Cream. Yum!!!
Juniper and Nana by the "ponytail plant". This one's for you, Sash!
Juniper and Nana enjoying ice cream.


So true for me. . . . .

This quote is on my sister's blog and each time I read it I am reminded of how true it is for me. I think it's why working (even just a little bit) has been so good for me. . . . .

"I was lonely, dead lonely. And I was to find out then, as I found out so many times, over and over again, that women especially are social beings, who are not content with just husband and family, but must have a community, a group, an exchange with others. A child is not enough. A husband and children, no matter how busy one may be kept by them, are not enough. Young and old, even in the busiest years of our lives, we women especially are victims of the long loneliness." ~Dorothy Day


The Funny Farm

Juniper and Mocha.
She can't get her head out of the bag!!
Kingsley plays with Mercury.
So sweet.
The Mama with Magic.


I absolutely love a good bargain.

I mean really, really love a good bargain. I pride myself on being a good bargain hunter and this past weekend I had a strike of good luck. I found a little kitchen for Juniper at a huge rummage sale. I've been looking for one FOREVER. It was marked at $5.00 but Noma (my mother in law) talked them down to $3.00 (and paid for it - thanks Nana!) I also found a BRAND NEW Sigg water bottle (this one to be exact) for .50 cents - yes .50 cents at a local garage sale!!! It has brought me so much joy to drink out of because I've been wanting one, but haven't wanted to pay the retail price for one.

Enjoy the picture of Miss Juniper by her new kitchen. She loves it and I just don't think you can get a much cuter plastic kitchen:)