Who's been hiding this stuff from me?

Okay, no one. But I can't believe I didn't discover it sooner. I'm here to show off just how darling I've made some of the lightswitches around my house. I've used Mod Podge and craftbooking paper that I found at a darling new paper store in Poulsbo. I'm not one for craftbooking, but I think I'm going to become very into the fun paper I can cover things with!

living room


half bath



Kris said...

Very cute!!! I'm trying my hand at beading for the first time this afternoon... my nearly 12 year-old friend is helping me. :) We'll see how it goes!

hillary said...

Thanks, Kris. Good luck with the beading. My favorite website for supplies is: www.fusionbeads.com
they are based out of Seattle!

ForresterMom said...

Hillary! I love your blog! I will come here more often. Juni is such a cutie and I love the craft stuff and political comments.

Hayley said...

Seriously so dang cute! What an awesome idea! All my light switches are those silly fat button ones so I'm all bummed out now. I love your papers too. fun fun fun... xox

Lora said...

Very cool--


Twins said...

Ok, I am going to need you to teach me this, very cute!
P.S. You should add the gadget for people to follow your blog, so I can! Love You, Jewels