Snow Day!

We have had an unusual amount of snow fall here in the past 24 hours (around 15 inches!!!). This has meant that our little family has just snuggled up by the fire, eating good food and going nowhere. We played outside today and built a snowman. I took a nice long nap this afternoon and woke up to Juniper and Nathan laughing hysterically in the hot tub. They were throwing snowballs at each other. Kingsley has been LOVING the weather, too. I just have to laugh at how the snow has accumulated on his legs.

Our Babies

Baby "A"
Baby "B"

Here are the first pictures of "Baby A" and "Baby B".

I look at these pictures several times a day, and think about the little lives inside of me all the time. It's amazing how much I love both these babies even though I didn't know there were two a week ago!!!



This week has probably been the most life changing week EVER. I have been waiting to share the news that I am pregnant, but haven't been sure how far along I am so I wanted to wait until I was 3 months along for sure before I pasted it all over the internet.

I went in for my first ultrasound this pregnancy on Tuesday to find out just how far along I am. I found out that I am 14 weeks along. . . . with TWINS!!! I of course had to tell Nate to sit down when I called him with the news. He took it like a champ.

I have been so tired and so sick with this pregnancy that it was a bit validating to find out there was a reason for how difficult this has been so far. I never in my life thought I would hear those words. . . . but now that I have, I am up to the challenge. I have had so many different reactions from friends and family members and I must say all reactions have been very positive and supportive. I have had some pretty good laughs (along with some tears) as I've shared this news.

Juniper has been so sweet about there being two babies. She said, "you can hold one and I can hold one". I think she'll be the most amazing big sister, and I thank God for having the opportunity to be a mother to just one little girl.

Life throws us curve balls - I can tell you that for sure!!!!

I hope to be better about blogging as I share this new and exciting life experience.