I love this

For the love of a tree,
she went out on a limb.
For the love of the sea,
she rocked the boat.
For the love of community,
she mended fences.
For the love of the stars,
she let her light shine.
For the love of a good time,
she sowed seeds of happiness.
For the love of the Goddess,
she drew down the moon.
For the love of nature,
she made compost.
For the love of a good meal,
she gave thanks.
For the love of family,
she reconciled differences.
For the love of creativity,
she entertained new possibilities.
For the love of her enemies,
she suspended judgment.
For the love of herself,
she acknowledged her worth.
And the world was richer for her.

By Charlotte Tall Mountain


This past weekend

30 Now!!
Precious Girl
Juniper holding Mocha the chicken
My New Pass Through. Thanks Dad!
My Cute little family.

I'm 30 now.

Well, I'm 30 now. I've been busy in the past couple weeks (hence no posting). Juniper and I were out of town, then Nate was out of town and during that time I embarked upon the challenge of finally weaning Juniper. That was exhausting and trying, but I survived and so did she. It's been nice to know she still loves me and is still a happy little girl (irrational mother guilt thoughts on what would have happened if I took away her favorite thing).

So now I'm 30 and am no longer nursing my little girl. I feel independent and my body is my own again (for the first time in over 3 years if I include pregnancy). It has been a HUGE change for the better for me.

My parents came to visit this past weekend and my Dad helped put a pass through in the wall between our kitchen and dining room. I'll hopefully post pictures when I figure out how to do it from this computer:) I'll also post pictures of our chickens that are now big and wander around the yard all day.

Oh - also one more thing in my life that is good. . . . . I got a little job. I'll be working as a barista on Saturday mornings at my friends little coffee shop in Kingston. I feel so fortunate that I don't need to have a job and that I am able to stay at home with Juniper, but I thought it would be fun to get a break, make coffee and chat with adults for a little while.

Okay - gotta run. If I try to make this too long, the post won't happen. Thanks for tuning in.